Psychometric Career Assessments

Career Analysis for 2nd to 7th class

It will help you to find out Multiple Intelligence of the Student

Career Analysis for 8th, 9th & 10th Class

It will help you to find out most suitable career path and subjects

Career Analysis for 11th & 12th Class

It will help you to find out most suitable career path and career road map with detailed execution plan

Engineering Branch Selector

It will help you to select most suitable engineering branch before engineering college admission.

Career Analysis for Graduates

It will help you to find out Most Suitable Career path and Career Road map with detailed execution plan

Career Analysis for Professionals

Early and Mid career counselling for professionals with detailed execution plan

About Us

I operate from home. I am a freelancer. I conduct Teachers’ Training and Memory Training for students. I started freelancing from Nov 2015 and have trained around 1000 teachers and 500 students till date. I also conduct DMIT and provide counseling. The essence of my personality lies in thinking practically and logically towards finding workable solutions, with a sense of dedication and purpose to whatever work I undertake. Therefore I have always looked forward not only to having a strong learning foundation for myself but also to contribute substantially to the growth of the organizations where I worked and to the society at large, with the best of my efforts and ability. 

At this stage of my life and career, I aspire to train large number of students and teachers not only in the metros and cities but also the semi urban and rural areas of the country. I want to utilize my experience in teaching and training to leverage my knowledge in the field of education. I wish to fulfill my personal and career goals through challenging assignments that will facilitate the development of educational organizations, contribute to my personal growth and to the welfare of the society and country

About Services

IIAD test for ages from 3 years and above.

It includes:

• Session 1 – Introduction, Induction and IIAD Test (45 mins per person)

• 63 pages detailed report about your child’s

Inborn Intelligence and Potential

Level of 8 Intelligence & 19 Sub Intelligence

Personality type, DISC Profile

SWOT – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

Learning Sensibility & Learning Style


Leadership Style, Sensory Ability

TFRC, ATD angle, Brain Dominance

Extra-Curricular, Stream Suitability, Career Suitability

Remedies & Activities catering to Multiple Intelligences ………………..

• Session 2 – Counseling session to read the report, provide feedback and clarify doubts



Graphology Test

Graphology test helps analyzing nature & personality of a person through his writing with the help of strokes, slants, pressures etc. It helps you to analyze one’s nature, personality, thought process, strength, weakness, opportunities, threats etc. Also to choose the right career path, develop personality, clearing confusions in thoughts, managing time and money, skill-development and many more things. Its a way to success!

Through Grapho-therapy, one can overcome the problems like..

Upgrading overall performance of students.

Self-motivation for staff members.

Lack of consistency, concentration, Self-confidence, Self-motivation, self-expression, communication skill.


Depression, Anger, Fear, Priority, Time, Money management.



Memory & Study Skills Workshop

As we all know, due to the explosion of information and knowledge, there is continuous pressure on today’s generation to increase productivity. Thus, it is necessary that students acquire techniques to learn faster and process information in less time and with less stress.

Left Brain is the logical and analytical brain and schools focus on developing it. Right brain is the creative side of the brain and if trained, it can be used to learn left brained activities.

The objective of these workshops is to develop and train students on various 21st century skills required to build their personalities and help them succeed in life. We are sure that you will take advantage of this opportunity and enroll you wards for it.


Duration of the workshop 2 days for 4 hours per day.


Day 1- Introduction and Basic Techniques & Day 2- Advanced Techniques


Topics covered - Understand how the brain works, Various Memory skills and tools like Mnemonics and Mind Maps, Create a Personalized Memory System (PMS) for longer retention, Creative Visualization to learn long answers & list of items, Brain Gym & Super Brain Yoga, Short cut methods to study chemistry, physics like periodic tables, equations etc. Methods to learn definitions, to solve problems, to learn datelines etc., Clear the blockages of the mind, overcome examination fears , Time Management, Goal Setting, Study schedule and planning, Managing stress through Pranayam & Mudras. Self-awareness / Self-Affirmation.

About The Counsellor

  • Educational qualification – B.Sc. & B.Ed. from Bombay Univ. B.Ed. with Distinction and topped my batch. 
  • Certificate course in ‘Educational Guidance and Counseling’ from Christ College. 
  • Cambridge International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers (CIDTT) at The Teacher Foundation
  • Bangalore in March 2012. M.A.Ed by correspondence from KSOU (Karnataka State Open University), awaiting results
  • Freelance Resource person with BOOK PUBLISHERS since May 2015 training teachers in schools in Bangalore, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Mentor/guide for candidates pursuing Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning since May 2015.
  • Designed a Memory and Study Skills Programme for students of classes 7th and above and have conducted workshops in Schools and Tuition Centres in Bangalore since Nov 2015.
  • Assessment and Development of Inborn Intelligence and conducting Multiple Intelligence programmes for children.
  • Won 1st prize in Inter-school Quiz competition for teachers - Qwiz 2013 and Qwiz 2014 conducted by National Hill-view Public School for 2 consecutive years.
  • Awarded ‘Women of Mettle’ in recognition of winning the Start-up Wave Incubation award as part of the Creditree- Women of Mettle Challenge, nurturing women led businesses.
  • 223rd Rank holder in the CENTA TPO (Teaching Professional Olympiad) among the top 500 National Rank holders an 27th Rank among the Regional Rank holder of Karnataka State
  • Won 2nd prize in Humorous Speech Competition conducted by Toastmaster Club, Bangalore on the eve of Teacher’s Day 2006
  • Co-authored a series of value education books ’Fragrance of Life’ for class 1 to class 8 for Heemanshu Publication, New Delhi
  • Awarded ‘Human Rights Millennium Award’ by International Association of Educators for World Peace (An Affiliate of United Nations) for motivating to work with full of zeal and enthusiasm in the third millennium and the 21st century.